Past Events

May 13, 2020 - The Magic in You

John George, International Champion of MagicFireFly Team Events invites us to a magical experience that only exists RIGHT NOW. A peek into an exclusive sanctuary that only a select few have been invited into. Join John George, International Champion of Magic, for an exclusive interactive performance of his award-winning magic show guaranteed to blow your minds. We’ll also partake in a learning session where John George will teach us a magic trick that we can perform at home!

About FireFly Team Events: We are the greatest team building company the world has ever known (ahem). We put over 16 years of corporate team building event experience to work for your group. We are constantly searching the earth for fresh group play concepts or inspiration. Finding new games and experiences that we can use as a vehicle for increasing morale, engagement and social currency on your teams is an obsession. It’s all about boosting the engagement of your team members through shared experience. You’ll find us at art festivals, technology shows, Come Out and Play festival, Indicade, and so many more as we search for your perfect event concept. For more information, visit