Who Are Those People Behind the Registration Desk?

James Vertovec, Executive DirectorJames Vertovec
Executive Director
Though you may only see them once a month, the folks behind the registration desk are working on your behalf all year long. SITE SoCal’s management team is a small group of talented and dedicated individuals with years of experience in assisting non-profits stay in top shape.

In May, 2015, James Vertovec and his company Brilliant Association Management (BAM) took over as SITE SoCal’s management company from Debbie Hawkins and Association Management Specialists.  James was fortunate to spend 2 years with Debbie working on the SITE SoCal events. He will continue to offer the same level of service that keeps the large engine that is SITE SoCal running smoothly so that your Board of Directors can stay strategic and steer the ship.

In addition to serving as the executive director for the board, James is the meeting planner’s meeting planner. He is busy all year with logistics pertaining to registrations, working with committee members, coordinating with SITE International, and helping folks to register for the wide variety of events SITE SoCal offers its membership including the Holiday Event and Poker Tournament.

All of this activity makes bills, and the bills have to be paid! With the volume of revenue coming into the chapter each month there comes an accompanying plethora of invoicing and payments. The SITE SoCal accounting team oversees accounts receivable, payable, grants, donations, taxes, reviews and budgets while reporting all to the Board – these folks are busy!

Located in Temecula, BAM will focus primarily on the continued growth and success of SITE SoCal. While in the heart of Southern California, James is in a unique position to help the organization while maintaining a close partnership and hands-on approach.

“Working with Debbie and the SITE SoCal Board and its members has been a great pleasure,” comments James, “SITE SoCal members represent the best in our industry. I am humbled to be working alongside these great leaders.”