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SITE Vision for Southern California incentive professionals

Who Are We?

We are SITE SoCal – proud to be part of an important industry that’s a significant industry-driver and honored to provide leadership and support for our community of incentive, event and meeting professionals. The overarching goal of our dedicated volunteer board is to create an organization that provides a better experience for our members. We are visionary, creating solutions to the challenge of always staying a few steps ahead to make us the go-to organization for all things incentive.

What Do We Provide?

Our industry is a welcoming one for industry newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. SITE SoCal provides a collaborative, friendly and cooperative environment – a place that offers the means for learning, networking, business results and career development. We are continuously building on our mentor/mentee program, and we have an active, enthusiastic and vibrant Young Leaders program. Opportunities still exist for determined and ambitious people, and SITE SoCal is the perfect community with which to engage and where to find those ladders to success.

What Defines Us?

We care. We care not only about our members and our industry colleagues, but with those in need. SITE SoCal has become synonymous with charitable giving. Our community is a generous one and has helped us donate over $2,000,000 to grass roots charities through our famed and award-winning annual Holiday Event and other give back efforts throughout the years. Started in 1999, the Holiday Event has grown to be THE networking event in Southern California. Whatever part you play in the Holiday Event – volunteer, sponsor, donor or attendee – you can be proud of what the chapter has achieved.

In the past, our community outreach program has also been extended to be part of each educational luncheon event. This has successfully provided local charities with much needed donations, both cash and in-kind. With a view to changing things up, we are looking at other ways that SITE SoCal can support organizations serving the under-privilege and more news will be announced on that.

Diversity & Inclusion

SITE SoCal is proud to share our Diversity & Inclusion Statement. This is our commitment to our community.

We believe that diversity, inclusivity, and equity are critical for the incentive travel industry. Only through putting these core principles in practice are we able to truly change behavior, build motivation, and expand our world.
SITE Southern California
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