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Join a Committee

Being involved in a committee takes volunteering to another level of engagement with the chapter. Most of our core committee members are people who like to be involved, to make a difference, to increase their visibility and potentially enhance their career prospects. Many of our members have stories where committee work has led to opportunities that wouldn’t have been existed otherwise.

Being part of a committee takes time, which as we all know is an increasingly precious commodity. But the rewards are there. This is your chance to work with the board, become part of the changes that are pushing our chapter on its upward trajectory. It’s more fun to belong to a group of committed people who invest their time because they know that a strong board and effective committees are crucial to our chapter’s growth and success, as well as being advocates for a growing industry.

We invite you to put your time and talents to work for SITE SoCal. Please contact Chris DeVito, VP of Membership at for more information.