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Michelle Thornton is a Los Angeles-based writer, senior events producer, hospitality and events-industry advocate, speaker and educator.

Michelle Thornton, Senior Events Producer
Michelle Thornton Consulting


Mental Health and the Events Industry: Is ‘balance’ even possible in our world?

For years the meetings & events industry has been on the top of the “MOST STRESSFUL JOBS” lists, right behind firefighters and airline pilots. Many of us almost took it as a badge of honor. At least I know I did. “Let me do it all, work 12+ hours a day, plan, execute and wrap two events and have rice krispie treats ready for one of the kids classes the next day.” Keeping the proverbial ‘balls in the air’ of juggling tasks for work and home were all the things contained in a good week. I was stressed to the max but there was no time to think about it let alone address it.

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