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Senior Sales Manager, Hyatt Regency Chicago
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Hyatt Convention Alliance - Turnkey Solutions for Planners

Hyatt Convention AllianceThe Hyatt Convention Alliance is a program developed for planners who organize multi-year or multi-city bookings for their organizations. This grassroots effort was created to respond to meeting our customers’ needs with turnkey solutions. We simplify an otherwise overwhelming task of contracting multiple meetings at Hyatt’s finest convention hotels by streamlining the sales and event planning processes. This includes:

  • Customized concession package and incentives at proposal stage so you can understand multi-year impact on your budget
  • Site visit arrangements and/or board presentations to alleviate schedule challenges
  • One contract review and negotiation to save you time and legal resources
  • Consistent pre and post event reporting between properties to ensure a seamless turnover process leaving the small details of the planning process to us so you can focus on the bigger picture
  • Event planning commitment including attendance at prior year event – one more assurance to our strategic approach to ensure we are all working towards the same objective
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