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Signature Hand Engraving
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After the Earthquake, Out of Recession: The True Story Behind Signature Hand Engraving

SITE SoCal would like to thank Tom Bwarie from Signature Hand Engraving for being a strong ally and sponsor over the years. Tom is dependable and a true expert in his field. Below is his story that we found captivating and we hope you do, too.

Tom Bwarie didn’t know what to do. Almost overnight, his thriving retail business had disintegrated.

It was 2008, the pit of the worst global recession since World War II. For the first time in Bwarie’s 30 years as a business owner, the phone stopped ringing, and sales calls came up empty. A fortune in inventory sat stagnant on the shelves.

“I was so frustrated and depressed,” Bwarie remembers. “It was more than scary.”

And yet in the midst of crisis, Tom Bwarie discovered the opportunity for reinvention. His current company, Signature Hand Engraving, perfectly blends his business acumen, innate generosity, and lifelong passion for art.

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