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SITE SoCal’s Tips for Staying Upbeat During Downtime

Be the best version of youQuarantine got you feeling the blues? It is important to keep your energy up during times of uncertainty, stress and inactivity. Studies show that changes in routine, eating habits, exercise, and even human interaction can impact our overall well being.

SITE SoCal has partnered with Very Best You, a division of Twenty156 Events to bring you these tips for Staying Up During Downtime:

Schedule your days

Even when we’re not in the office or working at our usual capacity the human brain thrives on consistency. Schedule how you will spend your time during “office hours” and stick to it.

Practice gratitude

Every morning name 5 things you are grateful for. The simpler the better. Sunshine on the patio or a great cup of coffee are perfect ways to remember that even on the hard days there is beauty and joy.

Move your body

The mind-body connection is more important than ever when we are spending less time moving in the world. Raise your heartrate for at least 30 minutes every day. Take a free online fitness class, dance in the kitchen or take a walk in the California sunshine.

Binge positive inputs

Audit your social media feeds and daily watch lists in a way that helps you focus on positive messaging. Unsubscribe from any content that makes you feel anxious or disappointed in yourself and intentionally seek good news, bright ideas and uplifting images.

Stay connected

We can lift each other up, and ourselves, by making a specific point of staying connected. Set a goal of five daily texts or engage through Instagram DM’s, Facebook groups and LinkedIn posts.

Start a hobby

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own herbs or flowers now is the perfect time to start a little garden. Read a book you’ve been hearing about, learn how to knit or perfect a macaron recipe.

Learn something new

There are multiple certification courses available for hospitality and meeting professionals through universities and industry organizations. Some of them are free and many have scholarship opportunities available. Hospitality teams have also quickly become experts at offering virtual meetups. Join an online gathering once per week to see friendly faces and learn something new.

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Very Best You is a division of Twenty156 Events
providing wellness and accountability coaching for hospitality professionals.

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