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Unique Venues - Think Differently!


Not everyone has a million-dollar budget and can offer million-dollar dreams for their clients. Depending on the meeting or client, you may have to get crafty in finding space and a destination that is functional and budget savvy! In the event industry, we are always searching for that perfect venue for our clients. Making their dreams come into focus while doing everything we can to think outside of the box for a truly original idea. Here are a couple of unique and cost-effective venue ideas to consider when booking your next meeting.

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5 Ways to Fix Bad Meetings

The hope of all leaders who gather people for a decision-making meeting is that the collective brain power of the group will lead to a better decision. But just gathering people together in a room doesn’t automatically lead to more informed and better decisions.

In fact, very often the opposite happens: groups amplify errors. Instead of producing insight, you produce a bad meeting like what’s featured in the video below.

In this article, I examine what causes groups to make bad decisions and how you can fix bad meetings.

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5 Keys to Choosing a Destination for Group Meetings and Events

5 Keys to Choosing a Destination for Group Meetings and Events

Selecting a destination can be crucial in planning the perfect meeting or conference. The destination can set the tone for a successful conference and create memorable and lasting experiences. There are several ways that a meeting planner can capture the local flair of a destination. However, selecting a site often requires due diligence and can be quite time consuming. To help meeting planners design the ideal meeting or conference, we’ve outlined a few factors to consider when choosing a destination for group meetings and events.

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Fill Your Life with Purpose

Fill Your Life with Purpose

How do I stay motivated day in and day out?

How do I gain more confidence with clients?

How can I reduce my fears and anxiety when speaking to groups?

These are typical struggles for event planners. While there are no easy answers, the best response I can give you is to fill your life with purpose. When this happens, you will be mentally and emotionally tough. Ultimately, you will be at your best day in and day out, regardless of situation or pressure placed upon you.

A great example of someone who has premier emotional toughness because he lives in purpose is Philippe Petit, who was featured in the Academy Award winning documentary, Man on Wire.

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