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5 Ways to Stand up for Civil Rights and Save Lives

Enough is Enough

To our SITE SoCal Community and Beyond,

It is important that we take a moment to address the tragedy our country is facing and the deep wounds inflicted on our Black community.

We see your pain, and we stand with you against injustice and racism. We stand with you as we create a better world. We stand with you for justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others.

We’ve seen corporations and organizations around the world step up to the plate these last few days like never before. And we, as a chapter of travel professionals with a global platform, must speak up.

We won’t be silent. We will do better. We will lead by example. We will be part of the solution.

Below is a list of ways that you can get involved in what's going on. From donations to peaceful protests, or simply signing a petition, we urge you to take part in this crucial part of history as we come together to turn the tide.

— The 2020 SITE SoCal Board of Directors

#SITEUNITE #BlackLivesMatter

5 Ways to Get Involved

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“Thank You” From The Rock Club, Music is the Remedy

Thank you from The Rock Club, Music is the Remedy

It was a true pleasure to meet Frank & Katherine and to learn a little more about The Rock Club, Music is the Remedy leading up to the 2017 Annual SITE SoCal Holiday Event. 

thank you note from The Rock Club, Music is the Remedy
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2015 SITE SoCal Holiday Event - Making a Difference

2015 SITE SoCal Holiday Event - Making a Difference

Thank you to everyone that attended and supported the 2015 SITE SoCal Holiday Event. The Holiday Event is our chance to come together for the greater good; each one of you makes a difference to the charities we choose, and I wanted to share with you these heartwarming notes received by Diane Herrmann, our dedicated VP Community Outreach. Diane has fulfilled her role on the board with integrity, caring and commitment and the chapter is fortunate to have had her services for the past three years.

Thank you and all my very best wishes for the holidays.

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