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CSR: 5 Innovative Ways to Give Back

CSR is one of the hottest words in the event industry over the past few years and we are certainly taking note. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more and more recognized as a permanent slot in your meeting itinerary and rightly so. Businesses recognize the importance of off-setting their footprint and connecting with the local community. Organizing CSR projects provides businesses with:

  • Connection and knowledge of the local area and the people that live there
  • Great PR! It looks good on paper (and websites), folks. More and more clients are looking to work with companies who donate their time or resources to a good cause
  • Provides a way for your employees to get to know each other, work together, and complete a project that they feel really good about

Here are 5 innovative CSR ideas from the pros for your next event…

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What’s New with SITE SoCal

What’s New with SITE SoCal

Elevate the Experience in 2015

Board of Directors

We have some exciting changes for the 2015 board. Some positions have been changed, and new ones added, to better reflect our commitment to the chapter via engagement, education and collaboration.

There are four Young Leaders serving this year. This will help us encourage leadership within the YL community with a long term goal of moving the chapter forward in a more integrated way. The rest of the board positions are balanced out with multi-generational seasoned professionals, from both the planner and supplier communities. You can pdfsee who’s who.(267.63 KB)

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